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LLC teaches children with disabilities, their families, and the providers who work with them. We provide Special Education services to support impactful and meaningful change for everyone we serve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the standard for Special Education services in our community.

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We provide Special Education to support each client in all areas of need.



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About Us

Lilac Learning Center has provided behavior support in homes, communities and schools since 2016.

Our Applied Behavior Analytic therapy is unique.

We focus on teaching skills that make a meaningful difference in daily life, not just at a table or in isolated situations. This approach leads to both short and long-term success for our clients.

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Our Team

Jeffrey Kalles

Chief Executive Officer

Bradley Bishop

Chief of Staff

Megan Graeber

Spokane Site Director

Ricci Goguen

Tacoma Site Director

Marija Horvatek

Operations Director

Sheena Thompson

Human Resources & Marketing Director


We offer a unique blend of a relaxed atmosphere and professional service. We apply ABA principles to support our staff, creating a workplace that delivers top-quality care in a healthy work environment.

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